A Twist of Lime


This too shall pass.

"Hey, Mitt."

Lost in my recollections of our initial experiments, I was startled when she broke into my thoughts.

"Mitt. You there?"

"Just finishing this sentence. Is something wrong, Katy?"

I looked up when she didn't respond. She sat opposite me at the kitchen table, surrounded by the various tools of our trades, and the dying sun cast its rays softly across her face. I had to shake off the feeling that I'd felt from the first night I'd met her.

"It's just... you do remember what we said, right?"

I cracked a smile too wide and fast to be real, the better to give her the impression that she could see right through me.

"We promised we'd keep it professional. Haven't we?"

Something unreadable passed through her expression.

"Sure. Well, of course you have. Expectations being what they are."

"Right. It wouldn't do for the Right Honourable Katharine Tarnath to accept just any suitor who came to her door. Pass the limes, won't you?"

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That was some quick thinking to throw a smile like that with such conscious intent.

  • #2925 Posted 23 days ago
ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

I agree with Jae, quick intent. But the tension in the room is awesome.

  • #2932 Posted 22 days ago
Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Less outer magic and potentially more inner magic. They seem like they've been partners for a little while, I wonder what is bringing everything to a head now? Outer pressure or inner?

  • #2934 Posted 21 days ago


Do people not do the smiling thing? It's a trick I use reasonably often.

  • #2943 Posted 20 days ago

Inspired by (sequel to):

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