A Compote of Lemon


This too shall pass.

Katy fought down the urge to blush, taking amber-coloured jar and directing a spoon to coat the pastries. Mitaran took the tray with a light-hearted bow and spun it on one finger, firing up the underside in a dance of blue flames with his other hand. Pale-yellow pastry turned golden brown under his expertly-controlled heat.



"Hey, that's not fair! The flourish is part of our rituals."

"And so it is with mine."

"You make half of your spells up!"

"Pyromancy is about being inspired, my dear. Let me put these away and we'll check on the compote."

He tapped her on the nose, put the tray down by the window and headed to the stove. Something sweet bubbled there, filling the air with the heady scent of citrus. Both students grinned involuntarily.

"This is going to be great. When should we add your bit, Katy?"

"Grave dirt isn't active until moonrise. Turn the heat down or you'll overdo it."

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

These characters change and grow with every piece.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

It's all about the details in this one for me. The bits about pyromancy and grave dirt particularly work well. And I'm not sure it was intended but I like the idea that he was inspired by her, when they talk about the flourish.

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The details are definitely the best part, RQ - both in the writing and the reading of!

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Inspired by (sequel to):

"I hope this is worth it."

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