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I'm just this guy, you know?

To expand on that, I am also the following...

- A former ficly member who is 38 years old and is schizoaffective (depressive type)

- Into creating languages and fantasy worlds from scratch

- A listener of audiobooks & good tunes

- Always too hard on myself

It wouldn't stay on.

I tried several different sized of bandage but no matter what, after moments, it would detach on one side and I wouldn't be able to get it to stick again.

It taunted me. I couldn't help but pay attention to the nuisance either because no matter what, my hand would always form a position that would remind me of my minor wound.

It hounded me. To no end. I tried to go about my business but no. It would stick out like, excuse the term, a sore thumb.

I swore at the wound several times but it never helped to heal the bloody thing. No matter what I did it seemed to scream at me to recover it with a new bandaid even though I was positive the damn thing wouldn't stick this time either.

I felt like I couldn't win. It wanted some sort of relief that just didn't appear to be in the cards. It wanted something I couldn't offer it.

I knew a bandaid would never be enough, even if it stayed on. It taunted me and I hated it for it.


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

They make a liquid bandage; it's a step down from superglue, for those hard to bandage places. Or you could warp your whole hand.

All seriousness aside, I like that you took this to a metaphorical place with the "It wanted something I couldn't offer it." This is a worse pain, unfulfilled wishes of others.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

The idea is good and the details are great. All the words I use in the following criticism is to make things clear. I think you are a decent writer and am trying to help, not tear down. Anyway, the only flaw I can see is the repetition of the words 'it' and 'I' to begin every sentence. Repetition is a tool that, at lease for me, should be used sparingly. When writers repeat themselves it's never an accident. Variance adds dimension and prevents a sort of brain staleness. If the brain isn't forced to follow the flow of the words, it will let the eyes glaze over the words. If this doesn't make sense, I can be blunter.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Man,being unable to edit comments makes me a sad panda. Spelling and grammar errors here to stay forever. It sort of undermines my criticism when there are such glaring problems in my own writing. Ugh.

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Personified pain suddenly reminds me how people can also act so selfishly demanding.

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Troublesome bandaid, from a friend


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