Cliff Diving

ElshaHawk LoA

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The trail here narrowed and dropped steeply down; one side a sheer cliff cut by the rapids and the other side a wall of rock. The base of the trail widened and flattened beside an old, sturdy pin oak tree.

From here I watched a family carefully pick their way down. A child, probably 8 or 9, slipped on loose rocks, not yet learned enough to know where to place his feet.

I uncoiled my rope, found the middle and held it in my teeth. I put the ends between my legs and up through the middle V. Pulling it tight, I wrapped the rest of the rope around me making a harness. I secured a D ring clip around these layered ropes at my bellybutton. Then I unrolled my belay line and tied it to the trunk of the pin oak.

A splash. A desperate scream.

I hooked the end of the belay rope to my clip and ran to the cliff, diving into the water.

The current pushed his body into mine. We grasped each other.

The family rushed down to haul us up. I started to shake uncontrollably as my muscles processed the extra adrenaline.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Lucky the protagonist didn't get assaulted by the panicked kid. I remember (a long time ago, in a high school not too far away) that when rescuing people, the people were the most dangerous parts of the rescue. Also nice use of the shaking requirement!

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

I thought about that; how drowning people frantically climb their rescuer for air, driving the rescuer down. We'll just assume she's perfected her grip on children or that she can hold her breath very long, to until the child gets his.

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Story challenge:

I challenge you to write something where someone or something shakes (the ground, the window panes, the strange dog). The act of shaking should be significant but not necessarily obvious. All subject or genres are welcome. Optional second part of the chal…

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