Hairy Legs

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After lunch we had recess. As we exited the doors, most excitedly bolting for the best kickball and the honor of choosing their teams, a small group of boys hung back behind me. I was walking, not running.

The yard teacher had stepped into the middle of the yard to begin monitoring students and was not looking.

"Hey, why don't you shave your legs?"

The boys laughed. I didn't know that boys cared about hairy legs at this age, but the fact they did, and the fact that they had touched on a very personal subject embarrassed me.

I felt my anger rise. I turned to face them. I was a full 6 inches shorter than the one that was goaded into being the mouthpiece for his groupies. They saw my determination and my approach. They oooh'd.

I zeroed in on his shin. I quickly let fly a hard kick.


The yard teacher spun. "What's going on here?"

"She kicked me!"

The yard teacher knew me, all of us, for 6 years. She squinted, "You probably deserved it."

I stomped off to stand along the school wall, alone.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

i have a shin wound that still troubles me from time to time but I did nothing to deserve my kick, I swear. I particularly like the zero-ing in on the shin. It makes me think of a high tech, Ghost in the Shell, targeting computer or perhaps the RDJ Sherlock movies. I would hazard a guess that the boys didn't care at all about hairy legs and would have found something somewhere to be dicks. But being different is a targetable offense.

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Boys are so dumb. I tend to be embarrassed for my gender quite often. The "you probably deserved it" made me chuckle. Little boys usually DO deserve it. Haha.

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