Evil Queen

ElshaHawk LoA

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Every time I thought about her I wanted to fight her. Just a snapshot of her gorgeous eyes made me want to pluck them out. How perfectly white would her teeth be knocked out on the floor?

In sick fascination I tracked her movements. I was a huntress and she my prey. One sign of weakness was a victory in battle for me. Cry, baby, cry!

Each celebration of hers seared into my heart as white hot meteors burned through layers of earth and rock. While she cheered I screamed out in frustration, digging my own fingernails into my palms.

She was a thief, stealing all the joy and passion that was rightfully mine. The fact that she worked hard, cared deeply, and never seemed to make any mistakes was a stumbling block to my steady aim.

Snipers wait patiently. Their targets come into range soon enough. Give her enough rope and she'll hang herself.

Smoulder and simmer patiently, watching, seething with every breath. Ultimate victory will be mine.


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Story prompt:

See if you can convey an emotion without any reference to the feeling itself. Think about how the emotion makes you feel, what it does to your body.

Most of all, think of Disney xxx

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