Tent Girl

ElshaHawk LoA

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It was only a two-man tent but it was plenty big enough for the girl, her sleeping bag, flashlight, pillow, storybook, and favorite doll. The doll had seen better days, her dress was now off-white, her hair sprouted wildly from the sides of her head leaving a bald patch at the crown.

She turned on her flashlight, doll on the pillow, and opened her storybook into her lap. She made her voice as sickly sweet as possible and read her favorite fairytale about the princess, the dragon, and the white knight aloud.

"This happens every night?" whispered an orderly. It was his first day on the job.

"Every night for the last 37 years," whispered the taller, older one.

"How is she allowed to have these things?"

"The doctors once tried to take away her tent and her doll and her book."

"What happened?"

"They now live on the third floor."


"Don't touch her stuff."

The new orderly backed off.

"She's pretty self-sufficient; only comes out for fresh batteries. Don't worry. She doesn't bite."

"Oh yeah, big relief."


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It took a path I wasn't expecting and I really liked that. You have such a well refined way of painting a picture in my head with your words too.

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A tent or tent like object.

And it must contain some sort of treasured object. This can be a piece of actual treasure like a gem or gold or it can be a personal object.

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