Too Long, Summer ... Too Long


busy... busier... busiest

I was wishing for October today:

Summer heat in the crooks of my arms;

On my cheeks and my neck,

And the weight of long evenings heavy

In my hammering head.

I longed for the cool of the Autumn time,

For the turning leaves and their crispness

Beneath my booted feet;

For the smell of raging bonfires, strong

In the frigid Fall air.

I was wishing for an old October:

One with burned black bricks and worn slabs

Under my naked knees.

One with virgin candles; white and bright

In those dark, dying nights.

I prayed for the peace of the waning year,

For the harvest and the haziness,

(Caught in my crooked teeth);

For the peace of a dying world, calm

In this time of troubles.


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

I love Autumn. I hope it's peaceful, too. It lasts for such a short time, though.

  • #2845 Posted 6 years ago
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I love Autumn too... And winter. I'm half Scottish, half Welsh so I really don't do well in the summer heat. Ugh I'm melting.

  • #2853 Posted 6 years ago
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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Very nice. I had to read it out loud to find a cadence that made sense for me. While I do like all the seasons more or less evenly (despite melting in hundred degree heat in California), I had an ex that bloomed during Autumn each year.

  • #2870 Posted 6 years ago
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