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King Cynric looked down on the three men kneeling before him. "Arran, former head of my father's guard." Arran looked up, his expression showing open contempt for the man before him.

"You and your co-conspirators are guilty of the murder of my father, your king. The sentence, as you know, is death." One man started to sob, but the look on Arran's face did not change.

"Just get..." he started.

"However," Cynric interrupted, "I am not without mercy. My father was... harsh, to say the least." Cynric waved one of his advisors forward.

"My liege?"

"How long would you say until sunset?" Cynric asked.

"Two hours, my liege." The advisor stepped back.

"You have two hours before I send my men after you. Survive until morning, and you are free men."

Skeptical, Arran prodded the other two into motion. They ran.

Minutes later, Cynric told his new captain of the guard, "Send my pets after them."

"My liege?" he asked. "But you said..."

"I said two hours until I sent my men after them.

"But dragons are not men."


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Dragons are cool. If they be knights, they might succeed. If they live 'til morning with both dragons and soldiers, they deserve to live.

  • #2793 Posted 5 years ago
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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

I was curious upon reading the title if the quotes were necessary and find myself pleased after reading. Interesting idea. Somehow I get a kind of middle-eastern fantasy setting and if this were the opening of a movie, we'd next move to one of the traitors as a main character. Is this a one off?

  • #2795 Posted 5 years ago
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Not knowing who to root for can either be confusing or a great hook. This is an example of the latter.

  • #2805 Posted 5 years ago
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Robert: Yes, I had intended this as a one-off. However, I am more than happy to see people make sequels or prequels to my story, and see where it goes. :-)

  • #2814 Posted 5 years ago
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