All About the Baby

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She explained how this pre-natal nurse had come to see her everyday in the hospital, since she refused to leave the babe and insisted on a private room. He was handsome and did everything he could to appease her. He wasn't supposed to keep helping the babe, since it wasn't a newborn any more and it wasn't premature.

"We've been seeing each other." Alice looked at the floor.

"You're cheating on me?!"

"No! I didn't think you were coming..."

Charlie reeled back, eyes wide in shock. Then they narrowed in hurt. He grabbed his chest as if she had pierced his heart.

The baby cried, awakening for its morning bottle.

"I have to go..." Alice gestured to the crib in the far corner.

"It was always about the baby, wasn't it? I was just a means to an end."

"No, Charlie..." She scooped up the infant.

"No, Alice. I see it all clearly now. It was always your plans. When we left, you were furious. Bu tit all worked out in the end. Have a nice life." Charlie backed out and shut the door. I was right beside him.

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