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The houses here were like high rise apartments lining the steep walls of the caldera. The buildings in the bowl were community buildings. I took my friend to the hospital, on the trail of his wife and the baby she risked it all for.

His name was Charlie. I let it bounce around in my head. The hospital ground was well lit under the canopies for receiving patients. I felt self-conscious emerging from the dark beside Charlie while memories flooded my thoughts. My face flushed.

He asked the receptionist if there was an Alice Pryor there who came in with a baby. She said she wasn't in the hospital and upon further inspection said they'd been released and gave the address.

We found Alice as the sun rose, painting the sky pink. It would be long before it shone inside the bowl.

"Alice!" Charlie stepped inside the apartment.

"Shh! They're asleep," she admonished.

"They? How many babies do you have?" Charlie whisper giggled.

"Oh, Charlie. I thought you weren't gonna make it." Apology was in her eyes.

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