At the Base

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We reached the bottom of the mountain the next day. It's steep sides were impossible for climbing. the entrance was dug into the base. Operations had been notified of our number waiting outside. The tunnel entrance was blocked by a steel door, sealed, impenetrable.

"I heard they sometimes make people wait outside for months," his sister frowned up at the door.

"With winter coming, they have to make quick decisions," I assured her.

"You radioed them, told them I was an E.R. nurse and my husband was a policeman, right? Surely they need people like us."

"They probably do."

"What else do we need to do to get in?" she was practically begging. He was looking at me. They all were. As if I had some secret answer to push us to the front of the line, to make us stand out.

Then, I did.

"Seeker 22 to Operations."


"I have found my family. This is my last run. I'm telling them everything. Seeker 22 out."

I shut the radio off and looked at them.

"Ops will come for us, but I have to tell you what I know."

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