Small Hope

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I was left with a choice. I could go back and use my skills to get the rest of the family safely to the caldera to find out if they were worthy of entry, or I could give up and enter the caldera myself. Operations dealt with 'leaders' who couldn't do the job any more on a daily basis. It was tough seeing people strive hard for something and never get it.

At least the babe was a surefire way for her to get inside. Whether she stayed there was up to the caldera.

I headed back to the family. I could at least give them the satisfaction that she arrived safely. I could then help them on their journey. Maybe they would all be reunited.

I located them a mile further into the foothills. Travel was rough on the old couple. Their son had made sure that they were comfortable. His sister and her husband and kids also were comfortable. The men had gone to hunt for dinner when I arrived.

They looked relieved and assured that her safe passage meant they would also get inside.

I let them believe it.

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