One Way Only

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I had no choice but to bring her. We hiked over hill and valley, across ravines that grew deeper as sides grew steeper. We had to stop and rest more often as we neared the mountain.

"We go up that waterfall." I pointed.

"We go UP a waterfall?!" She thought I was insane.

"The rocks form a sort of staircase, you'll see."

I took her up the side of the waterfall. The rocks were slippery in places, but we carefully made it to a space near the top where the rock sank back behind the fall. I led her inside a cave.

"Here is a flashlight. Just inside the second cave room is a man-made tunnel. Sit on a blanket and slide. I promise it ends inside the caldera. Tell them who you are and that you have the babe. They will be waiting."

"Are you not coming?"

"Once you go in, you can't come back out, remember?"

"But you have a radio."

My authority didn't extend to crossing the boundary of the caldera. "Even I have to follow the rules."

The babe squawked. We were out of food for her.


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