Desire in Her Eyes

ElshaHawk LoA

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She wanted something more than anything in the world. I saw the hungry desire in her eyes. She had tried to have one of her own, but the time was just not right. I saw the resentment in her eyes as she looked at him behind his back. She didn't show him those eyes.

They whispered in the night. I heard them. She would tell him the desire of her heart, her sole desire. He would listen and agree, but deny her. There was nothing he could do. It wasn't his fault, nor was it hers.

This refugee camp was on the outskirts of the foothills, about 15 miles in from No Man's Land. Too close to the outside war for comfort. Just enough cover for hiding. Still, it was best to get to the mountain. Inside the caldera was freedom.

I met up with their camp 2 days ago. He had been a friend back in high school, a hometown friendly face out in the harsh foothills was welcome. His sister, brother in law, mother, and step-father were here. His sister had two children.

His wife eyed them constantly, tried to win them over.


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