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This is a lot simpler than it feels. Now that your emotions are well vented, let's set them aside and looks at the fundamentals.

First, you care. Otherwise you wouldn't be upset. Caring is good so long as it promotes useful action.

Second, if this particular task was high priority, those in power should treat it that way. It's only bothering them now because they don't want to deal with it any more than you do.

Third, there are very mechanical answers to their questions. You need only respond with "Not possible" or "Yes, and the cost is-" and follow up by asking what they want you to do. Ball in their court. After all, it is their responsibility, so if something goes wrong or they are not satisfied, you're covered. You'll only be doing what they told you to do.

So send the message, get your response, and do as you're told. It may not feel awesome, but you can rest easy knowing you are following orders. And that's way better than freaking out all over the place.

Stay calm, lie low, and get those paychecks.


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

And that is exactly the right response to this sort of crisis. I like that this piece serves as a counterpoint to the emotion-driven piece before.

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A Gypsy Heart

A Gypsy Heart

I agree with Jim 😎

  • #2780 Posted 2 years ago
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