Monday Morning Part 2

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7:55 AM

Students are breakfasted, bell rings, they begin their morning routines. Chat with them about their weekend, listen and offer advice.


Coworker Stress arrives, early, as usual, going on about something they wish they could change.


Coworker officially starts shift, but announces that in 2 weeks they are moving. My heart palpitates. My ears hone in for more information. I give supporting comments and ask innocent questions. No set date yet, but she goes to tell the superiors.


I begin to take over some aspect of the day that she usually does. She gives me dirty looks. Hey, she's gonna be leaving, I have to do this when she goes. She doesn't like that I take control.


I ask for her advice on something. That seems to appease her. She also placates herself by getting a student to laugh and enjoy her attention. Whatever.


Finally, I can go home. Maybe I'll sleep better knowing her time draws near. Am I a bad person?


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