Directions - Promise Ring 3 (Everett)

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I could hear her calling me back, using her alluring tone. When I didn't follow, she began calling me names. Every man in the entire place suddenly felt compelled to shout and call me names. Through the phone, Sasha could hear the deep rumbles of the men.

"Don't listen to them. Move faster. Get out." Her voice grew louder. I moved quicker. The men had started to stand and move to block my exit. I dove for the door, hitting it with enough force to jar my wrist. An arm tried to wrap around my waist and this time it was not for a dance. I twisted through the doorway.

I was free.

"Get in your car."

"It's okay. I'm okay now."

"Get in your car!" She insisted. I did. I shut the door.

"I'm in."


Motion caught my attention in the rearview mirror. The woman had emerged with 3 muscular lackeys pounding their fists like they wished it was my head. I backed out in a hurry, tires squealing as I shifted to drive and exited the parking lot. How did she know?

"Where should I go?"

"The movies," she scoffed.

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