Voice of Reason - Promise Ring 2 (Everett)

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I ignored the vibrating cell phone in my pocket. My eyes were still locked in helpless battle with the vixen's golden glamour. She had released my hand with the ring only to take my waist and lead me to an open section near the speakers. I didn't register the music that was playing, only moved my body in time to hers.

The ring grew cold. The icy blasts of pain sent conflicting signals to my addled brain. I scrunched my eyes closed against the pain, against her gaze, against her spell.


The phone began vibrating again. I reached into my pocket and answered it, turning away from the disgruntled diva. "Hello?"

"Everett, what's going on?" She sounded annoyed.

"She found me." It was all I needed to say.

"Get out! Now!" This command was given with urgency. I knew I had to obey her. "Focus on my voice, Ev. Listen to me. Look at the floor. Head toward the door. Are you moving?"

"Yes." One foot in front of the other.

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Promise Ring

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