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He was a laid-back guy and didn't mind when the woman took control. He'd been working hard for three weeks and she'd had their entire wedding planned by the time he'd returned. There were some things that women were just better at doing.

He reflected that all his life he'd been surrounded by headstrong women who refused to follow. They were leaders. He made sure that he never got in their way. If he did, he was pushed aside and they did things their way, anyway.

Suddenly he'd come to a place in his life where he wanted to make his own decisions. He thought it had been his decision to marry this woman, but he saw her now as a great manipulator. It never bothered him before because she didn't hurt anyone or anything. He'd been charmed.

He'd approached her with his idea looking for support. He had planned this out for months. She did not see how it fit into her plans, so she dismissed it as folly.

That hurt.

Now he was reconsidering his time with her. He'd never had a say the whole time. He'd been fooled.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Well, I can certainly empathize with the protagonist, enough so that I can assign fault and flaws in myself to him. Kudos for that!

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