Reflections of A Teacher at the End of the School Year

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I think I've figured it out.

Why I've been so blazé about work. It's not that the students need a break and they've shut down for the rest of the year. It's me. I'm not trying to be a super teacher these last few weeks. Not days, no, weeks.

I'm the one that's shut down.

As the teacher, I should have all these organized, fun plans where we all get to enjoy the lessons. I should be doing units on all the fun stuff like volcanoes and ocean life and pirates and space aliens. I should show fun movies that relate and read picture books and make them write up brochures and letters and menus of space food.

But I'm worn out.

There were so many changes and I'm doing the job of one and a half people now. My brain is mush. The new helper can do all the physical handling of materials and students, but forgets to clean up, finish tasks, and has to be told over and over to do things.

Sometimes I just sit in silent reflection while the students are behaving and I think of life outside of school.


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Even teachers experience burnout. Maybe even especially teachers. Hang in there. You're almost through the home stretch.

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My life to a T.

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