Phone Call

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"You're so hard to get a hold of!"

"I've been busy. But I haven't forgotten you."

"When you keep changing your hours at work, people have to adjust their times to call you. I swear your phone was busy for hours! I bet you were swamped with calls once they all figured out what time you were off work. I just kept trying." smile

"Yeah. My entire family called. It was like Grand Central Station. They wanted to wish me well, talk about their stresses, and share all the family gossip."

"It's been like, two days since your schedule change, surely there wasn't that much gossip..."

"Have you met my family??"

"Ok, strike that." giggle "So, what's the plan for today?"

"Work. Sleep. Work. But I'll read that story of yours if I have some down time."

"You're the best! Listen, I don't want to take up your time..."

"You can call me anytime."

"...yeah, when I can reach you. I think I'll text, mostly."

"Sure. Oh hey, my Mom is beeping in. I'll call you later."

"Sure."click. sigh


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