In Between

ElshaHawk LoA

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I'm spiraling. Spiraling down.

I don't know what is at the bottom and I don't care.

I relax into the current trying to hold me up. I close my eyes and feel weightless as long as I ignore the sting of rushing air on my skin and the strain of fabric pulled taut and waving frantically out around me.

Did I jump, or was I pushed? I can no longer remember and that suits me just fine.

Is anyone following me or going before me to rescue me? I have no idea. I'm not opening my eyes nor straining to listen.

For now, I am alone. It makes things simpler. There is no drama, nothing to puzzle out, and no huge swings of emotions up here in the void.

Or is it down here?

Anyway, I simply am. Right here, right now.

I'm not lost. I am here. Maybe I'm between. Between is an okay place to be as long as it feels like nothing and there is no good and no bad. There is only gray. I can handle gray.

This spiral can go on for all eternity for all I care. Perhaps it does.

I might stay here forever.


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

This is such a good metaphor for severe depression. I've no idea if that was your intent, but that's how I relate to this story because it's very close to how I felt a little more than a year ago.

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Every sentences caused me to restructure how I envisioned this. At first it evoked a sense of drowning, then falling, flying, floating, until it was simply the nothingness at the end. Very dreamlike.

  • #2628 Posted 6 years ago
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I feel like I can relate to just about every notion in this piece and those notions were beautifully delivered.

  • #2639 Posted 6 years ago
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