Ukko's Burden


I'm just this guy, you know?

To expand on that, I am also the following...

- A former ficly member who is 38 years old and is schizoaffective (depressive type)

- Into creating languages and fantasy worlds from scratch

- A listener of audiobooks & good tunes

- Always too hard on myself

The thunder boomed and the lightening flashed.

Unfortunately the Finnish god Ukko's heart just wasn't into it tonight.

Sure, there were ships on the Baltic sea he could tip over with rogue waves and sheer winds, but why? What was the point?

He felt lost in his position among the gods. Torturing the mortals no longer held the same... je ne sais quoi that it used to. There would always be more mortals, after all. They bred like rabbits only larger and much less adorable and furry.

He turned his rump in the seat of his throne. He couldn't even get into a comfortable position tonight. How could he possibly be expected to do his job if he couldn't even get comfy?

Ukko's hammer Ukonvasara sat on a stand next to his throne. He glanced at it and sighed, longing for the days when using it filled him with purpose.

Not even his wife Akka could console him. He just sat and stewed in the juices of depression, letting his feeling of self worth drain away.

Ukko truly was in a funk that could not be unfunked.


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

A depressed god? How quaint. :)

  • #2582 Posted 5 years ago
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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

You did a wonderful job describing this petulant god and his lack of motivation.

  • #2604 Posted 5 years ago
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