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Just Another Escapist

When I look back, why does it hurt?

From the first written word, every unrefined blurt

Grew in shape and meaning, over time it matured

'Til the days and months into years all blurred

A historic collection that was left behind

And when facing forward it fades from the mind


Emotional mem'ries connect it again

I search it out like a long lost friend

When found it pierces and pains my heart

For the time I was there, for the time spent apart

And knowing there is no way to go back

I see what I had and feel what I lack

Although in Ficlatté we all get along thickly

I still find I miss all we had back in Ficly.


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Hear, hear. I'm hoping as we move forward, we can rebuild a lot of what we had at Ficly. Trouble is, we lost some people along the way, and those absences are felt acutely here and now. We will rebuild. We are rebuilding. We just need to keep bringing new faces into the fold.

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You're right. We have become the foundation of the Old Guard. Anyone who arrives now can be welcomed and encouraged the same way we were.

  • #2513 Posted 4 years ago
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