a warm waterproof hip-length jacket usually with a hood, originally worn in polar regions, but now worn for any outdoor activity


(informal, derogatory) a socially inept person with a hobby considered by most people to be boring

Pandemics have wreaked havoc throughout human history. In the 14th century the bubonic plague, or “Black Death”, killed an estimated 30-60% of Europe’s population. Close to one hundred million people died of the disease. According to the Italian poet Boccacio, “the mere touching of the clothes appeared to itself communicate the malady to the toucher.” Ghastly symptoms lead to almost inevitable death.

You must keep this in mind when you consider how we responded to the Outbreak that created the so called zombies. We could not afford to take chances. With international travel readily available to much of the world’s populace, the threat of a global pandemic had to be considered.

First, we quarantined the villages, cities, and suburbs that were exposed. Razor wire and trenches were placed to keep locals from escaping. Once we could guarantee full containment we bombed them to hell.

I’ve heard it suggested that perhaps innocents died in the process, but what could we do?


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

I wonder at the kind of manpower that would be required to full and securely quarantine that many areas to be sure that no infected person escaped. Surely this is overkill for something that can't have been that certain.

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