You Hurt Me So Quietly


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Fri 17:37

Hey Chelsea, what are you up to Sat night?

Sat 16:50

"Hey Chelz, it's me. Just wanted to see what you're up to tonight. It would be good to see you if you're free. If not, hope you're having fun. Bye."


Marci, my phone was charging, didn't hear it. Everything ok?

Sure, just wanted to hang out tonight.

Well if I wasn't in Delaplane then I'd say yes!

Work on a weekend?

Not work


Meeting him halfway?

You betcha!


Thought so

You thought right! Anyway, we'll catch up later


Sun 0:03

Are you two having sex?


What the hell Marci?? Seriously?

Answer the question

Even if we were, what difference would it make? Toby and I are over.


After what I went through last summer, when you cut me off because I got involved with Mark, THAT is what makes the difference. He may have been married, but at least I wasn't! You haven't even gotten divorced yet, and I know Etienne hasn't either! I apologized to you so we could stay friends, and you do this to me?


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Relationships are complicated. Oh, so very complicated.

  • #2481 Posted 6 years ago
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Every kind, on every level, from beginning to end.

  • #2482 Posted 6 years ago
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Well, some are and some aren't.

  • #2483 Posted 6 years ago
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A Gypsy Heart

A Gypsy Heart

Relationships, ugh lol but I love the back and forth of the two girls. It's so typical of the best friend dynamic

  • #2553 Posted 6 years ago
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