Unexpected Guest


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Thermu burst into the parlor without knocking, her voice raised in excitement.

"Esma! I found it! I finally found-"

Esma turned with a panicked smile and owl-wide eyes from her seat in the wingback chair. Across from her sat a sharply dressed man with long sideburns. He looked quite comfortable with one leg crossed over his coat tails, though he still wore his tall hat.

"Sister, apologize to Mr. Beauda for your interruption!" Esma's voice trembled beneath its stern volume.

Frozen where she stood, Thermu quickly clasped her hands behind her back. With a bowed head and subdued tone she asked forgiveness.

"Nonsense!" Beauda grinned, casually tucking a hand into his pocket. "What is the cause for commotion?"

Upon the mantel, the Locm clock's changing face clicked into the next rune cycle. Beauda's smile did not falter. Esma's skin looked like pale wax.

Thermu didn't miss a beat. "The perfect dress, for the Glinting ball. It's in Haver's shop."

Behind her back, the item hidden in her hands felt heavy as lead.


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

So many questions...

  • #2455 Posted 5 years ago
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  • 5 out of 5
ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

I love how easily it seems you have made up words and names that are unusual and make us feel this is a different dimension or time. That's always the hardest for me to do.

These two characters remind me of the sisters in Frozen, LOL. Only, Thermu might have fire powers instead of ice.. hee hee.

Great job leaving something unsaid to be the catalyst for the mystery. I think the ball gown was a nice save, but I wonder if Beauda can smell the lie..

  • #2463 Posted 5 years ago
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Crud. Even after writing this I felt the same similarity to Frozen and I literally have no idea why. I only saw the movie once, many years ago. Glad you liked it.

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A Gypsy Heart

A Gypsy Heart

I'm intrigued

  • #2552 Posted 5 years ago
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