Bargaining Post

Jim Stitzel

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The thing that spoke to me had the face of a dead god but used the voice of my father. I had known to expect this. It was a by-product of the bonding ritual that gave a semblance of life back to this former deity. Not that any of the gods ever truly died, even if they were killed. They were still useful long after their deaths, a fact I was about to exploit now.

"I offer you a bargain," I repeated, ignoring the god's question.

It was silent a long moment, perhaps in reappraisal of my brazenness. "What sort of bargain?" it asked, a cautious tone in its voice.

"My family began a feud with your kind that was foolish and short-sighted," I replied. "A feud that is solely between me now, as the lone living survivor, and the gods. And the longer that gold post remains," I gestured absently behind me, "the more people who will die as its influence spreads."

"The bargain?" the god repeated.

I held up my blade again, the sun reflecting off it. The god looked, its countenance darkening, and the ground shook.

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I have a love/hate relationship with suspense. I want to know what will happen, but I must applaud your ability to keep me a hair's breadth from finding out.

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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

That's one thing that I always loved about Ficly (and now Ficlatte) -- it taught me how to write a series of tiny pieces of fiction and conclude almost each section with a pretty damn good cliffhanger. My favorite thing to do is to grab my readers' minds and imaginations, hang onto to them, and then leave them wanting more when I'm finished. It's tantamount to torture, I know, but that is how I like to roll. <insert fiendish grin>

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Still loving this Jim - keep them coming!

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