Tropes of the Trade: A Little Sweeter

Robert Quick

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Jacqueline made a sour face. “You mean to keep an eye on me. I hate having someone watching over my shoulder.”

“We're both in the industry, spying is what we do.” Emily replied.

“I'd rather be the spy-er than the spy-ee.”

Emily cocked an eye at her phrasing. “I can't change that but I can promise that I won't micro-manage or second guess you. Think of me as an asset. I speak nine languages. I can make a computer sit up and beg. Or I can act as a sparring partner, critique your marksmanship, or anything else you need.”

Jacqueline looked her in the eye. “Does that include deep tissue massages?”

Emily smiled touching a slim tongue to her top lip. “Let's get this job nailed down first. I'd hate to take advantage of you while you were distracted. As for what you asked for, you know my boss's name. The mission parameters are to neutralize six former agents of F.A.C.E..Payment will be consist of a base twenty-thousand with a fifteen thousand bounty for each agent. Sound good?"

"How do you feel about mojitos?"


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“Since your attack …

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