Post-Deity, Post-Life

Jim Stitzel

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It closed its eyes and roared.

"Sacrilege! Blasphemy! Desecration! The Aldergods will destroy you utterly for this. You will be fodder for their entertainment. Perhaps even the Gilder- and Bolgurgods will--"

"Enough," I replied mildly. Its mouth clamped shut, and its eyes widened in surprise.

"How--" it began.

"Look closer," I replied. It narrowed its eyes and focused in on me, and I nearly laughed at its confusion, "Not at me, you fool. Within."

For a moment I thought it would refuse, just out of sheer defiance and rage. But after a moment it closed its eyes and went completely still.

"Ah," it said, it eyes still closed. "Of course. Steel melded to godwood. You are a clever one." It opened its eyes and looked at me again, this time with a razor-sharp focus that might have rent an ordinary man in two.

"But then, you are more than you seem," it continued. "Not an Alderman, no. You don't hold that kind of power within you. No," it repeated. "Then what?"

I took a breath. "I desire to strike a bargain."

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I've been waiting for this to continue. The best stories give the reader more questions without feeling like they are missing something. This installment accomplishes just that.

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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

I'm glad for that. I've done more writing in the last three months than I've done in probably the last three years combined, so it's taken me a little while to scrape some of the rust off my tools and stretch out those writing muscles again. I'm glad this piece, this whole arc really, manages to lead the reader along and keep them interested. :)

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Inspired by (sequel to):

I held that piece of flesh up before me, bitter distaste filling my mouth. If what my father and I h…


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