The Curious History of Wayfare, Alaska






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The story first appeared in an issue of National Geographic. It chronicled a journey taken in the 1970s by a small band of backpackers. While travelling through the woods of southeast Alaska the group stumbled onto a ghost town.

The community appeared to be of modern construction, suggesting it had not been built as a temporary logging town or tribal village. Houses and business flanked a small town square, but there seemed to be no evidence that any human habitation of the buildings had ever taken place.

No maps referred to the community, nor did it exist in state records. If not for the photographs taken by the group, the entire story might have been dismissed as a hoax.

Since the publication of the article, the town (dubbed Wayfare, Alaska) has become a favorite spot for travelers seeking adventures off the beaten path. Many of the structures have been marked by graffiti and are deteriorating due to age and lack of maintenance.

To date, nothing has been found to explain Wayfare’s existence.


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

I want to explore this town. There must be a host of interesting -- and possibly insidious -- little secrets hiding in a place like this. Honestly, it makes me think a bit of something you might find in a Stephen King or Dean Koontz story.

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Thanks Jim! I think for me, the story sort of stands monolithic, an unanswerable conundrum. What to do with a city that shouldn't be and That said, when I went to publish I couldn't help thinking how fun it would be to see the places other folks might take it in terms of sequel or prequel.

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I definitely felt the Stephen King angle that Jim mentioned. I love it!

I'll let this stew in my imagination for a while and see if any sequels come out.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Movie set or reality TV set,

people found a time machine,

people traveled to another dimension,

they were abducted by aliens,

it was built for robot AI to live in to see if they could create a society but the funding was cut before the robots were designed,

the houses are really just Transformers and we got the whole 'vehicular form' thing wrong,

It's a town for vampires, they only come out at night,

Someone died before they finished their 3 wishes,

A cult drank the kool-aid

Ok this is getting dark...I'll stop now.

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ElshaHawk, I love it! Keep the ideas coming.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

It's a photography studio for Wayfair products. LOL.

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