Too Old for the Nursery

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"We'll be ready by morning," Byron heard the voice tell the man who held him captive.

The man replied, "Very good. Beatrice!"

Byron heard the quick footfalls of the man's wife, always eager to please. "Yes, dear?"

"Take Mr. Curts to the shuttle. He will deliver the goods in the morning and we'll be off."

"What wonderful news!" she exclaimed.

Byron heard two sets of footsteps head towards the belly of the blimp while one heavy set stopped at his door. Byron scuttled away as the knob slowly turned. He jumped to his cot and laid with his back to the man. Maybe he would think he was asleep. "Boy!"

Byron rubbed his eyes and turned over.

"Tonight you will move to the bunkroom with the others."

Byron felt his heart quicken. He'd never see his baby sister again.

"You're old enough now." The man turned and left but he did not pull the nursery door tight.

Byron knew this was his chance. He slipped out and secured a lamp from the hall, racing back to hide it in his blankets. He waited for his sister to return.


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