Tropes of the Trade: Shaken With a Twist

Robert Quick

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Jacqueline signaled the bartender for another mojito. “It's not obvious to me.”

“Since your attack on Isla Quiribi, F.A.C.E. has split and some enterprising splinters are exploring a kind of freedom that didn't exist under Dr. Whitman.”

“You need me to clean house.” Jacqueline knew her voice was flat and disapproving but she didn't care. She was a specialist not a maid.

“You are the one who broke it. I thought I'd appeal to your sense of responsibility first. But saving the world followed by a great deal of money are my next moves.”

“Is this a game to you?”

The blond laughed. “This isn't just talk, it's a negotiation.”

Jacqueline ticked off three fingers. “All right, let's get down to business. What's your name--and the name of your boss. Mission parameters. Payment.”

“My name is Emily Ravenwright. I told my boss that you'd want her name and have her permission to give it to you, though it won't do you much good. Monica Madera's been listed as dead for nine years. I'm also to act as your assistant.”

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