Into the Woods

ElshaHawk LoA

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Without a magical pumpkin carriage, Cindy knew that the walk to the palace would be long. It would require sensible shoes, boots, most likely.

Closing up the house of her childhood was quick with the help of her mice friends. Years of cleaning it from top to bottom and being locked in her own attic room had erased all the sweet memories and made her resilient and determined.

While birds carried her riding cloak to her shoulders for the last time, she smoothed her traveling frock and collected her small suitcase. She'd stay with her aunt, the Lady of Ridingham, while she plotted the best way to get inside the castle and near her Prince. If she had to take out her step mother and step sisters to do it, well...

She marched herself down the lane, not looking back once, and into the bandit woods. While there were wolves and dwarves in these woods, she knew it like the back of her hand. She and Lady Red used to rehearse seek and finds in case of huntsmen.

Huntsmen! The witch's house... she changed course.


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