The Kindly Earth


I am my own OC. I will keep track of my life. These may be news, or they may be venting. I need somewhere to write the truth of my heart. Probably it won't interest you.

Some of it will be fictional. I'm my own write-in OC.

I'm somewhat troubled...

if by somewhat I mean massively.

The kindly earth prepares a home for me

A pleasant home, so soft, with fragrant air!

I nurtured plants and loved my pets, I know

And kept the public lands of litter free--

Perhaps that's why the earth is kind to me.


Shall I commune with nature, settling here

Among the flowers, by the running brook?

Reclining on the mossy bank, I breathe

In calmness and in peace. I have no fear

Oh, rest and restoration fill me here.


And as I gaze at sunlight through the leaves,

I let my thoughts stroll through my recent days.

I see the ones who left me passing by

I see my errors floating. No one grieves

They fall in silence, like the autumn leaves.


I'll live in comfort, resting for a while

Regathering my inner strength, and when

I'm full and confident (such is my hope),

I'll stand and stretch my limbs, and I will smile

I'll love myself again; it's been a long, long while.


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

This is a beautiful place to recharge.

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