The Best Part

ElshaHawk LoA

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It's the heart; the best part. I saved it for you.

I protected it, made sure it stayed whole and as innocent and full of light as possible. I used it only to build you up, to raise you from the darkness. I used it to praise you and to welcome you with open arms and tears of joy.

But you had a plan separate from my gift of my heart. You saw only what was on the outside of me and did not see my offering. My heart is brave and in a moment of dumb bravery I told you that I offered it. You told me that you were not in a place to accept it. I should keep it and continue to use it for good.

First, I thought, maybe one day you'd accept it. So I cradled it in arms of hope and rocked it back to sleep. Rest, little heart, be calm. Your time is not yet come.

Apparently that day is far, far off. You accepted the heart of another, and one who claims to have been the only heart ever offered to you. You believe them.

So what do I do now? Keep holding my heart for you, or tuck it away and try to forget?


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