Burning Questions: Examine the Cardboard Boxes


This is "slapdashmonuments" creating a new Ficlatte account for the purpose of trying to write some Choose Your Own Adventure stories using Ficlatte's sequeling features. I'll tag work-in-progress parts WIP until the whole story is ready to play.

The first full story, "Burning Questions," is available now:


You rush to the boxes. Your hands get close enough to feel if there's any heat coming from them. They seem cool enough.

You open the first box. It's empty.

You rip the second one open.

It contains two full containers of gasoline. What the hell!

Glancing nervously above you, you can see the teetering pile of fiery textbooks. Putting your back into it, you push the full box across the hallway, away from all the fire you can see.

As you are exerting all your strength, you hear a cracking sound, and then a sound as if there had been a paper avalanche. Back aching, you turn to see something that looks like a museum exhibit about kindling. A mound of burning paper consumes the empty cardboard box and the space where the full one was just moments ago.

You drop to the ground to rest for a while.

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Burning Questions: On Past the Fiery Books...
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