Burning Questions: Something more comes to mind


This is "slapdashmonuments" creating a new Ficlatte account for the purpose of trying to write some Choose Your Own Adventure stories using Ficlatte's sequeling features. I'll tag work-in-progress parts WIP until the whole story is ready to play.

The first full story, "Burning Questions," is available now:


That's it!

"I think those boxes had cans of gasoline in them, Mr. Burton. I saw the gasoline trail just inside there. Can you come with me? I want to see where the trail leads...maybe Dr Gundersen is still there."

"I'm ready, yeah, I can do this. I've got something to help us out." He hefts his nightstick and uses it to push the glass door open. "Let's be careful."

You cautiously enter the hallway together.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

"It was sort of a middle aged guy, not too big, he had been let go after a sort of scandal some time…

Burning Questions: Burton Remembers
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