Burning Questions: Burton Remembers


This is "slapdashmonuments" creating a new Ficlatte account for the purpose of trying to write some Choose Your Own Adventure stories using Ficlatte's sequeling features. I'll tag work-in-progress parts WIP until the whole story is ready to play.

The first full story, "Burning Questions," is available now:


"It was sort of a middle aged guy, not too big, he had been let go after a sort of scandal some time in the past five years. I heard some nasty old stories about 'im."

Your eyes light up. Doctor Gundersen?

"He was carrying some big ol' boxes with him, they seemed hard to carry. I could hear 'em slopping around inside the boxes, like they were full of paint or bleach or something. Couldn't make out what he was doing here at night."

You think you've basically figured out what happened. Gundersen had been fired in disgrace a few years earlier after some shocking stories came out from a number of students who complained about some very unprofessional behavior. He'd always been kind of a trouble maker before, anyway, starting rows in the faculty meetings. You remember how Ms Brett had often been engaged in shouting matches with him during those confrontations.

Then something more comes to mind...

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Burning Questions: Return to the back entrance from outside
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