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This is "slapdashmonuments" creating a new Ficlatte account for the purpose of trying to write some Choose Your Own Adventure stories using Ficlatte's sequeling features. I'll tag work-in-progress parts WIP until the whole story is ready to play.

The first full story, "Burning Questions," is available now:

I'm going to use this account for 'choose your own adventure' ventures; I think that it will be an effective way to do such things.

I may have some that I at least intend as my own story, and some that I will welcome others' collaboration willy nilly, for a really heftily choiced megastory.

I'll use WIP in the title if it's a story that isn't yet finished, and remove it when the entire thing is done.

I write elsewhere on Ficlatte as SlapdashMonuments.

I'm Anna, I'm glad to meet you. I'm a trans woman, a college educator specializing in literature and music. I was on before moving here.

I love this community and want to be friends with you, if you'll have me as a friend. I'm terribly lonely in real life.

Hugs always offered.


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Just verifying that yes, this is my side account. No foolin'.

  • #2044 Posted 6 months ago
Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Sounds like fun!

  • #2049 Posted 6 months ago
ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Hi Anna.

  • #2053 Posted 5 months ago


Hi Jim! Hi Elsha! :D Good to see you! Gosh, not to be presumptuous, but just coming here to the new account and seeing you here, it feels like an old friends' reunion.

This is nice. Thank you!

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