Cat Nap Interruptus

ElshaHawk LoA

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Klancy blew blue-hot flame as he exhaled all the pent up energy in one burst. His power thrilled me, sending vibrations of euphoria spasming through my body. I clung to his slightly smoother underbelly to keep myself grounded as well as safe from the heat of his flame.

When it was over my muscles were sore and I panted as if I had run a marathon. Klancy collapsed, eyes closed, fire lungs emptied. The temperature of the now flame-less air cooled me quickly. I crawled under his foreleg and snuggled up to his heart scales. I could hear it beat, deep and slow. I matched my breaths to it and it calmed me, lulling me to sleep.

A deep growl woke me. I wondered if it were my stomach. Caitians ate many times throughout the day as we were prone to sudden bursts of energy followed by cat-naps, aptly named. However, it was not my stomach, nor a purr. It was Klancy.

I sniffed the air, detecting a musk of human testosterone and sweat. Raiders. I flexed my claws. Klancy tensed around me. We waited to pounce.


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Oh gawrsh, this is amazing!

Caitians are an anthropomorphic cat alien species my college roommate came up with. In that case it was as a Star Trek RPG species, but I think the Caitians were also from his earlier writing as well. I have asked him for permission to borrow the species; I am fairly sure that it's OK.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Editing is easy. Cat-humans can look differently than he imagined as well, thus making them our own.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

I hugged my mount in that way he loved, with my legs and claws, and he took the hint at once. We fle…

The Paws that Refresh

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