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I sobbed. The Dragon saved me from myself. I got lost in the fog. I was stopped by the wall of despair and I caused the explosion that gave me the pieces to build my fortress, all so I could stay hidden deep inside myself. The Dragon refused to let the cycle continue.

Tears for my stupidity, tears of gratefulness and humility for my rescue I felt I didn't deserve.

The Dragon dropped me back in my home. I gave him a hug, but he pulled back, releasing me sooner than I desired. Behind him stood my concerned family and friends, relieved to see me back.

Behind them was his Rider.

My stomach twisted. I sat down and tried to look confident so they all would leave me. I nodded politely at their words of appreciation. They praised the Dragon and his Rider, though she did nothing but let him rescue me. I wanted to vomit.

The Dragon was dangerously handsome. I had been in love with him since he hatched. I had helped him train.

Then she came along and won half his heart.

Crushing mine.

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Oddly enough, I can relate, in a strange abstract way, to this situation. Empathy is a weird companion, at times. I have sympathy for the protagonist here. :D I wonder if this will continue! Maybe I'll have the right notion and see how it goes.

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