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Something scrabbled at my wall. The scratch and scrape of something ripping my precious wall apart stirred me from my mournful reverie. I backed away from the thing that was tearing in earnest at my fort, eyes wide, body shaking. Don't take my wall. Don't take me.

Talons and scales, terrifyingly long and strong gripped at the hole in my wall and pressed lean muscles against my shoddy construction, forcing the outside in.

I had no choice but to face it. My heart beat rapidly, tears streamed unbidden, but my body stood to take whatever torture lie ahead for me.

A soft voice called out. My heart burst forth with joy and forgiveness. Whatever happened to cause them to disappear from my life was immediately forgotten. The voice was filled with gentleness, a caress that soothed my nerves.

Talons gently wrapped around me, lifting me from the muck and cherishing me, even sodden and broken.

We flew.

Up through foggy clouds, up past wails of despair, past flames of guilt, to a plain of sweet togetherness.

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Oh Lor, I had not noticed that this was already midstream into a series! My new sequel to Foe may be ... off context, so to speak. I'm sorry.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

From the wreckage I pulled the largest bits to form a low wall around me. Their form, size, and hard…


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