Charlie and/or Evan?

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Charlie made it clear every single day that I was the center of his universe. Life without Charlie would be like falling into a bottomless pit and never seeing the sun; despair and loneliness.

Then there was Evan. We'd been best friends before Charlie, but his Dad got stationed in Germany for 2 years. When he'd returned it was like he never left. We talked and laughed and he made me feel whole.

Turns out, Charlie's friends and Evan's friends intermixed. The two spheres were bound by couples who knew each other from classes or other places.

We'd all met at the 12-plex as a large group to see the latest superhero flick. We arranged ourselves into two rows. Charlie squeezed my right hand. I settled back to watch the movie aware of Evan's arm sharing my armrest. My heart soared with affection, but I knew I couldn't have them both.

Ironically the superhero had to choose between two possible mates. One was sickeningly good and the other deliciously evil.

I wondered, what would the hero do if both were good?


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Experiment with polyamory? Maybe? I was too jealous for it too work for me (although the balance in the relationships were off anyway). It's hard to make such decisions and harder not to second guess yourself the second something goes wrong. But if it worked, it would be potentially relationship gold. Could be an interesting writing experiment and it would depend on the feelings on everyone involved.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Jealousy seems to be the main evil in relationships like this. I'm not sure how you overcome that. I don't think you really can. There would have to be some sort of agreement.

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