Troubled Iridescence


This too shall pass.

"Enfield Three, Sphinx. Report. What is the enemy force composition?"

"Copy, Sphinx. We are under fire from the shipyard defences. Nothing heavy yet, but..."

I tuned them out and went back into the shipyard channels.

"Sayre checking in. I'm moving to F-Lock Three. Who's in charge there?"

"Sayre, it's Edwards."

My breath caught, but I knew that Nyquist would be paying attention to TEAMBIO so I exhaled as smoothly as possible.

"Go for Sayre. Report."

"I'm here with three teams of our guys and some of theirs."

"What's the situation like?"

"We're holding together. Gagyros and Manning are a bit shaky, but they'll calm down once we get out there."

"Any attacks?"

"The Navy guys seem to have it covered. I think they're trying to move the fight away from us."

"Good enough. We'll be there in two. Get them ready to move, we'll work something out."

"We'll certainly do that. Edwards out."


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The shipyard where Sayre and Edwards work is a civilian facility with a civilian ownership and independent civilian staff, but the Navy is a practical lot. Seeing as this shipyard builds a lot of their ships, they installed some defences which are now apparently firing on them.

Airlocks (shorthanded to locks) are quite small affairs, generally. Big enough for a few people to go through at once, but rarely any larger than that because of how they function - the bigger it gets, the more air you have to pump in and out, which makes it cycle slower and slower (cubic growth hurts!). However, sometimes you really just have to move massive volumes from air to vacuum, so each construction bay has one really large airlock for shifting freight - conveniently called Freight Locks. Sayre has set the freight airlock for Bay Three as the meeting point for everyone who's going to go out there and try to recover the Distant Mountain, but to her surprise the mysterious Edwards has taken charge over there.

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Like any good conspirator, Ms Sayre is a paranoid. Specifically, she thinks that Nyquist will be monitoring his team's medical/biological signs. Normally it's used for figuring out when someone gets injured, but it'll certainly pick up when someone gets excited for no obvious reason.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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