Watch Your Language

Mighty-Joe Young LOA

I went a little Kong, and they put me in the zoo. But now I'm back cause there was more for me to do.

Sophie Claire was far from a damsel in distress, so she didn't cry out when the rust and gunmetal colored 357 Smith and Wesson blew a gaping chasm in Earnie's torso. She had driven a stake through his chest with a hand maul while he slept, to no avail, so she knew he was far from over. She reached down like she was checking the wound, only to grab a large calibre Derringer that she knew he kept in the inside pocket of his vest.

Vampire Earnie clenched her hand in between his arm and chest and whispered, "Wait."

Abruptly a frail looking woman with jet black hair flew across the room so fast that it looked like she skipped ahead two frames.

Her petite arm's blow sent the farmer slamming to the floor.

"Maw?" the aged son pleaded.

" Stay out of this boy this is your paw's medicine."

"That whore ain't your maw"

She descended on the farmer with a flurry of blows that left her covered in gore and him dead.

"I told him the next time he said that word I'd kill him. He came all the way down here just to die."


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Tall glass of Kel

Tall glass of Kel

I'm digging where this could go. However, Sophie Claire would never stab him in his sleep, she's not that kinda girl, or is she?? Hmm we shall see.

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Tall glass of Kel

Tall glass of Kel

I also love that she tried to settle the score for Ernie even though there's been a spat between the two of them. Epic move telling her to wait, immediately when I read it I was like why wait? Shoot and ask questions later.

  • #1841 Posted 5 years ago
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  • 4 out of 5

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Whore by "in this moment"

Inspired by (sequel to):

"Paw that just can't be him, maybe his son or nephew, but that just can't be him."

"Shut up boy,"the…

A Reckoning for Vampire Earnie

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