A Reckoning for Vampire Earnie

Mighty-Joe Young LOA

I went a little Kong, and they put me in the zoo. But now I'm back cause there was more for me to do.

"Paw that just can't be him, maybe his son or nephew, but that just can't be him."

"Shut up boy,"the old man sneered to his son who was fifty years old if he was a day, "yeont reckon' I'd forget the man who stole your maw now didcha'?"

" Now listen here paw, I give ya' that that man looks an aweful lot like I remember Mr. Earnest looking, but that was forty years ago paw," The man pleaded with his elderly father.

He knew that his father had the right of it. This man who was supposedly a good decade older than his paw looked thirty five years old, if a day. He knew though that if he admitted it, at least out loud, he might have to admit a whole host of other things. He could be checking the closet for monsters before bed again.

"I know how it's possible son....that man's the devil, old scratch himself."

The farmer walked right up to Vampire Earnie and said, "In the name of Jesus I rebuke you to hell."

The only thought he got out before the old man's pistol blew a new hole through his chest was, "not again."

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Yeont reckon

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"Sophie Claire, my darling, you were always bereft of deliverance," he said, as he took the last dr…

Aim to please.

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