Gungnir's Wielder


This too shall pass.

Thin magnets woven into the suit gloves tugged the gun into my grip with distinctive pull that threw me momentarily back to thousands of hours spent at the range practising with a weapon just like this one - and to the reason why I'd left it all behind.


I shook it off. With an interface collar now wrapped around my neck, I no longer needed free hands to operate a touchscreen. A quick thought flipped the pistol from "safe" to "fire". Another brought up a tactical overlay with my preferred settings, neat annotations alongside white bounding boxes that drifted across my visor that marked the positions of friendly assets.

"Good to go, sir."

"Mayfield, on point. I'll take rear guard. Quickly now."

I fell into the slightly hunched posture of combat movement without a hitch. Internally, an older and more suspicious worldview peered out - there, that would be a good ambush position. Shift aim, Mayfield is about to stop covering that doorway.

Danger was everywhere.

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Spacesuits in Ms Sayre's day have an fMRI-type scanning device that detects particular patterns of electrical and chemical pulses in the brain. Particular thought patterns can trigger useful actions, replacing mouse-and-keyboard- or touch-based interfaces. It also means a well-trained soldier can do many things at once, far faster than their hands can move.

All the other troopers who were with them have been reassigned to other roles, and so there are just the three of them. Mayfield, the only one in armour, has taken the most dangerous position at the front. Although Nyquist is the commander, he gives our protagonist the safest spot in the middle of the group and takes the rear guard himself.

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