We Did It


A Witch. A Goddess of Chance. A Machine. A Bleeding Heart. A Man. A Woman. Always Separate. Never Apart.

She rolls over, the first rays of sunshine dawning in the room. There were flowers in the corner. Simple, blue things. The tye-die in the curtains sent 3, 4, Who knew how many colors blasting over the wall. Art.

She rolls over onto him. In those colors are flashes of the past. They were tainted with darker colors. Separation, a kind of tearing. Heart hurts, none were spared then - and then, lights. At least one. And all of hell before it.

She smiles. Who was the greater? The defining fate, or the fate-maker? But apart they were dragged by the strength that they owned.

She inhales, and brown eyes that see nothing but soul, widen together. Another day in their forever. The coffee machine beeped, and the morning began in earnest.

In earnestness, that kiss. The kiss that seemed to conquer all of that hellish abyss, it was simple. It was all.

It said what we can never truly say, in a language is the only true expression, that all is won.

It says "We did it."


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Conquering heroes. Apparently, they conquered over falling into Hell by being their own fate-makers. The middle is muddled in a dreamy just-awake way for me with the fragments and splashes of color. The ending though, is a perfect kiss. Good morning and welcome to Ficlatté.

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Ty so much :)

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I don't know what it means in my head. But I can feel it in my heart. Thank you!

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  • Published 5 years ago.
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